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The IoT is So Much Bigger Than Your Thing!
Technically Speaking, November 2017

   “there isn’t a one-size-fits-all technology, as it may take multiple technologies to deliver your unique platform…”

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“I am about to explain what exactly I mean by the “IoT is so much bigger than your thing.” It’s a realization that has firmly shaken off my stereotypical perspective of the internet of things (IoT).

Making our “things” smarter
But, before I begin, let me first explain that the IoT is not a technology; rather, it’s a concept used to characterise the many interconnected “smart objects” or things and their unique ability to collate and, in turn, share information about their world. In other words, we empower our “things” in various contexts to ultimately gather data, which is specific to their environment. Often, I read or hear people refer to IoT as a technology and that’s certainly not the case. …”

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The Fall of Innovation
Technically Speaking, October 2017

   “…I'm guilty of being bored of the status quo, since I'm always eager to learn of the next big thing!”

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“It must be something about the autumn air with the leaves falling and the onset of winter where we regularly witness the appearance of new technology. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Halloween also beckons, as this is a period of transition, encompassing the myth of Samhain and of saying goodbye to our demons whilst beckoning in a new harvest.

Treading the Same Groove on That Broken Record
I'm confident that most have already witnessed Apple’s autumn announcement launching their new-generation iPhone (iPhone 8) and their iPhone X, celebrating a decade of their phone. Similarly, next month those who are using the Windows 10 OS will receive the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which launches sometime mid-October. And, let's not forget, Google too are in the midst of launching their second-generation Pixel (Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL), which has just been announced. So, yes, it's an autumn smorgasbord of technology delight.”

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How IoT data is helping companies uncover big value in the little things
Dimension Data, September 2017

   “…businesses need to adapt their way of working from the inside out to take advantage of these technologies.”

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“Let’s start by saying that, much to my Welsh parent’s dismay, I’m not much of a sports fan! I’m a technologist who has little interest in watching a ball being kicked or tossed around a field and would much rather view strings of code working together in unison to form the perfect programming gameplay. I do however see a synergy between technology and sports and am both intrigued and excited by the way this relationship is steadily evolving. After all, for athletes competing at the highest level, the smallest factor can spell the difference between victory and mediocrity. That’s why Olympic swimmers began wearing friction-free swimsuits to gain milliseconds on their lap times (until they were banned), and why football boot manufacturers keep pushing the limits of how light and flexible a shoe can be.

But, let’s face facts! If one swimmer can wear a ludicrous spandex one-piece, their competitors can as well. The same applies in football – if one team invests in 20 pairs of 100 gram boots so can every other team.”

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The Race to 5G
Technically Speaking, August 2017

   “…with such data, he asked “if we understand the past and understand the present, can we predict the future?” Damn. What did he just do to my head?”

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“I attended a major industry innovation day in June at the stunning Grosvenor House in London with the alluring headline, Exploration Lights the Way Forward.

Punctuating the Day’s Shared Vision
The event boasted a smorgasbord of over 200 industry leaders, academics, scientists and researchers, as well as decision makers who will, collectively, shape the future of the ICT industry.

The agenda was teamed with speakers who were prepped to discuss the IoT, Industry 4.0, the future of cameras in smartphones, self-driving vehicles, AI, FinTech (Digital Finance), smart (wireless) connectivity and, of course, 5G. Attendees were also welcomed to challenge speakers with an open Q&A session and, similarly, several panel discussions were used to punctuate the day’s agenda which, in turn, reaffirmed the shared vision of the ICT industry.…”

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