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  Introducing the holographic virtual assistant
Technically Speaking, January 2018


       THE ARCHIVE: 2016

  What's in Your Smart Home This Christmas?
Technically Speaking, December 2017

The IoT is So Much Bigger Than Your Thing!
Technically Speaking, November 2017

The Fall of Innovation
Technically Speaking, October 2017

How IoT data is helping companies
uncover big value in the little things

Dimension Data, September 2017

The Race to 5G
Technically Speaking, August 2017

An IoT PaaS:
My Implementation Quest

Technically Speaking, June 2017

In the Mix:
How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Come Together

Technically Speaking, April 2017

One Thing We do Know About 5G:
It's Inevitable!

Technically Speaking, March 2017

What Can We Expect?, February 2017

Predictions of a Futurist

Technically Speaking, January 2017

      Who needs Santa when you have Skype?
Skype in Media, December 2016

The Agoraphobic Shopper, December 2016

The Strange World of Skype Bots
Skype in Media, November 2016

Gigabit Home Networking with, November 2016

Will the Real IoT Please Stand Up?
Technically Speaking, November 2016

The two differences between internet connected
devices and IoT things is purpose and scalability

Telefonica, November 2016

The Skype TX Dream Team
Skype in Media, October 2016

Beam Me Up Alexa:
Delivering the Smart Home, October 2016

Software-defined Networking: 101
Technically Speaking, August 2016

Shrugging off the bugs:
Exploring Consumer Complacency, August 2016

Connecting the Cows, Chickens
and Sheep through the IoT

Skype in Media, August 2016

The Smart Home:
Is this as good as it gets?, July 2016

The Smart Agent:
Enabling the Internet of Things, June 2016

Skype looks to you to Shoot the Future
Skype in Media, June 2016

Who are the beneficiaries of smart metering?, May 2016

The Lawnmower Man Effect:
Redefining the Internet of Things

Technically Speaking, May 2016

Mobile World Congress
The Greatest Smartphone Show on Earth!

Technically Speaking, March 2016

ZigBee and the Smart Metering Phenomenon, February 2016

Future Broadcasting:
Virtual Reality or Virtual Insanity?

Skype in Media, February 2016

The Hottest Consumer Tech Predictions of 2016
Technically Speaking, Jamuary 2016


       THE ARCHIVE: 2014

  Top five reasons 2015 has been
an awesome year for Skype

Skype in Media, December 2015

The Industry Highs and Lows of 2015
Technically Speaking, December 2015

Bluetooth wireless technology:
Was it Lust or True Love?, December 2015

Ho, ho, ho - Santa's On Skype
Skype in Media, November 2015

The Green Deal:
A Smart Choice?

Technically Speaking, November 2015

Time Will Tell:
The Apple Watch Revisited

Technically Speaking, October 2015

Going Back to the Future wurg Skype
Skype in Media, October 2015

ARMed for Broadcast Technology Success
Skype in Media, September 2015

Network Function Virtualisation: 101
Technically Speaking, September 2015

Why We Shouldn't Hang Up on the Landline, September 2015

Hold That Flight, I've Got Skype!
Skype in Media, August 2015

Making Your Energy Meter Smart, August 2015

5G: Satisfaction Guaranteed or
Just a Case of Premature Exaggeration?

Technically Speaking, August 2015

What is this Internet of Things, Thing?, July 2015

The Connected Car:
Is Big Borther at the Wheel?, June 2015

Can the Internet of Things Save Edna?, May 2015

50 Shades of Smart!
Technically Speaking, April 2015

It's All About the 'Cell', April 2015

Net neutrality: The Tainted Agenda, March 2015

Wireless Charging:
Is Our Smartphone Finally Untethered?

Technically Speaking, March 2015

Is This the End of TV as We Know It?
Technically Speaking, February 2015

The Internet
Should we keep freedom of expression alive and well?, February 2015

A Belated Look Ahead at 2015, January 2015

Consumer Technology Predictions for 2015
Technically Speaking, January 2015

      A Nostalgic Journey and a Question for You
Technically Speaking, December 2014

Small cells: The Lesser Powered Femtocell, November 2014

My Life Without Wi-Fi
Technically Speaking, November 2014

The Zen of the 'N'
Why Weightless Finally Makes Sense, October 2014

Apple's Thumbalina Approach to NFC
Technically Speaking, October 2014

The Big Push to Digitise Your Wallet using NFC
Technically Speaking, September 2014

Has the Hype Killed the 'White space' Radio Star, September 2014

Where are we with white space radio?, August 2014

What is this Internet of Things, thing? (also featured in Business Cloud News),
July 2014


       THE ARCHIVE: 2012

  Media Convergence
Nineteen fourteen (Cambridge University Press),
October 2013

Wireless Convergence
Nineteen fourteen (Cambridge University Press),
October 2013

Let's Keep It Simple:
Introducing the ICE Model

Nineteen fourteen (Cambridge University Press),
May 2013

The Lawnmower Man Effect
Nineteen fourteen (Cambridge University Press),
March 2013

iTeufel Magnum Review:
It's the Bentley of Bluetooth Audio, January 2013

Embracing Social Media with NFC
NFC Contactless & Mobile, January 2013

So, Where Are We With NFC?
NFC Contactless & Mobile, January 2013

      ​The @Nokia Lumia 920:
A Twinterview and Review

Conversations by Nokia, December 2012

I Know What I Want for Christmas:
The Nokia Lumia 920, December 2012

​Parrot Zik Headphones:​
Touch-activated, Bluetooth & Oh So Trendy, November 2012

​Netgear Wi-Fi Extender Review:​​​​
Ease, Simplicity & Transparenc, October 2012

​Apple's released another iPhone, so now what?, September 2012

Jabra Solemate Portable Bluetooth Speaker:
A poolside review, September 2012

Getting Personal With
the Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stere Headtset, August 2012

Twitter Milestone:
A Reflection After Sending 100,000 Tweets, June 2012

The Lawnmower Man Effect, May 2012

NFC: A Gentle Evolution
Incisor.TV, April 2012

Forecasting a Wireless-enabled 2012 …
Incisor.TV, February 2012


       THE ARCHIVE: 2010

  Survival of the Fittest
Incisor.TV, November 2011

Why NFC Should Keep
Social Media in its Wallet!

Incisor.TV, October 2011

White Space Radio: Revisited
Incisor.TV, September 2011

A Consistent Brand Message using
Cross Platform Promotion (CPP), September 2011

Increasing Brand Awareness
with NFC Technology and Social Media, September 2011

Keeping Mum:
Transforming the Healthcare Industry Wirelessly

Incisor.TV, August 2011

Femtocells: You're Either Right or Impatient
Incisor.TV, June 2011

Resurrecting the Smart Dream
Incisor.TV, May 2011

Introducing White Space Radio
Incisor.TV, April 2011

NFC: The Time is Nigh
Incisor.TV, March 2011

The Myth of 4G
Incisor.TV, February 2011

A Wi-Fi Christmas Carol
Incisor.TV, January 2011

      Bluetooth: You're amazing, just the way you are?
Incisor.TV, December 2010

Whose 'Gig' is it anyway?
Incisor.TV, November 2010

The eerie shenanigans of Ultra-wideband
Incisor.TV, October 2010

He Said, She Said: HTC HD2 vs. the Apple iPhone 4
Incisor.TV, September 2010

A case of Déjà Blue:
Bluetooth low energy hits the headlines

Incisor.TV, August 2010

This is it: will NFC overcome its growing pains?
Incisor.TV, July 2010

Swimming with Dolphins:
How EnOcean's new energy harvesting
platform will keep wireless afloat

Incisor.TV, June 2010

Why ANT? Introducing ANT Wireless
Incisor.TV, May 2010

The Need for Speed: Introducing Long-term Evolution
Incisor.TV, April 2010

The Marmite Affair: Femtocelss
Incisor.TV, March 2010

Spotlighting Bluetooth 4.0: May the fourth be with you …
Incisor.TV, February 2010


      THE ARCHIVE: 2008
  Too Many Cooks:
Bluetooth Enters Hell's Kitchen

Incisor.TV, December 2009

Bluetooth Dreams Revisited
Incisor.TV, November 2009

Can You Spot The Difference:
802.11n Has Been Ratified?

Incisor.TV, October 2009

The Only Alternative:
Bluetooth and Ultra-wideband

Incisor.TV, September 2009

A Bitter Harvest: ZigBee Green Power
Incisor.TV, August 2009

Apple Embraces Bluetooth in the iPhone 3GS
Incisor.TV, July 2009

Ultra-wideband: I'll Be Back!
Incisor.TV, June 2009

Telecare: Saving Edna
Incisor.TV, May 2009

How Exactly do I Flog
My Wireless-enabled Product?

Incisor.TV, April 2009

Femtocells: Where Are They Now?
Incisor.TV, March 2009

The WiMedia Alliance:
What Do We have in Common?

Incisor.TV, February 2009

The WirelessPAN Seasonal Menu
Incisor.TV, January 2009

       Making Sense of Wireless Technology,
Incisor.TV, December 2008

The Tortoise and the Hare,
Incisor.TV, November 2008

A Smart Home for the 21st Century,
Incisor.TV, October 2008

One Year On:
Does ZigBee have the X-Factor?
Incisor.TV, September 2008

Zensys: Veni, Vidi, Vici,
Incisor.TV, August 2008

When Bluetooth met Ultra-wideband,
Wibree and Near Field Communications
Incisor.TV, July 2008

Reading The Small Print: Standardisation,
Qualification and Certification
Incisor.TV, June 2008

A Touch of Genius: Wi-Fi Protected Set-up,
Incisor.TV, May 2008

Dissolving the Boundaries:
Introducing Femtocells
Incisor.TV, April 2008

The Box: A New Wireless Divinity,
Incisor.TV, March 2008

A Future Voyage: Introducing Body Area Networks,
Incisor.TV, February 2008

Enabling Intuitive Connectivity using NFC,
Incisor.TV, January 2008

  Ultra Wideband: A PAN Phenomenon,
Incisor.TV, December 2007

802.11n: Coming of Age,
Incisor.TV, November 2007

Does Zigbee Have the X-Factor?,
Incisor.TV, October 2007

       Can we Confidently Rely on Wireless Communication?,
Windows IT Pro, 2007

What makes a Wireless Product sell?,
The MediaTech Online Exhibition, 2003

What are Bluetooth Profiles?,
InformIT, Person Education, 2003


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