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Mobile World Congress:
The Greatest Smartphone Show on Earth!

Technically Speaking, March 2016

   “Surprisingly, this year’s MWC didn’t see a great deal of wearables being launched, not that I’m a big wearables fan, but I found the lack of them at the congress surprising nonetheless.”

Excerpt …
“The largest mobile trade show in the world has once again come and gone. Yes, of course, I’m talking about the 2016 Mobile World Congress and this year’s line-up of announcements, previews and all things shiny certainly didn’t disappoint. So, without further ado, here are my top MWC moments of 2016.

As I Predicted …
There’s no doubt that Alcatel’s move to ditch the OneTouch aspect of its persona has resulted in a cleaner image that’s in line with its latest Idol 4 offering on show at this year’s MWC. A quality smartphone alternative, whose Quad HD display and JBL speakers perfectly accompany its high-end metal and glass looks. I particularly liked the addition of its quirky packaging, which doubles up as a nifty VR headset – cunning, very cunning and bang on trend for 2016 as I recently predicted this as being the year of virtual reality. …”

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Introducing the EnOcean Ecosystem
EnOcean Alliance, 2015

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‘Introducing the EnOcean ecosystem’ offers the reader a reflective and historical narrative covering the technology’s relatively short and successful history, as well as introducing the benefits of EnOcean Alliance membership whilst sharing some of the attributes that succinctly characterises EnOcean’s energy harvesting technology. What’s more, we’ll explore EnOcean’s current product portfolio and discuss the technology’s market scope. Likewise, we’ll better understand how EnOcean fares with its competitors and examine several differentiators that uniquely distinguish EnOcean from its competition. Finally, we’ll explore in some detail, the Dolphin hardware and software architectures, as well as the equipment profiles that provide EnOcean with its application-base. ​
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Just Touch!
The Definitive Guide to Near Field Communications (NFC)
Prentice Hall (an imprint of Pearson), expected 2016

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Just Touch! provides the definitive insight into this, as yet, unsung wireless technology that will simplify connectivity with other wireless technologies. The book will cover the numerous user scenarios that will singularly set NFC apart from other technologies. Just Touch! offers a must have resource for designers, developers and software engineers, as it provides a technical how-to covering all aspects of the NFC software and hardware architectures from the ground-up. It’s an essential read for product planners, technical marketers and researchers alike, as Just Touch! provides a comprehensive insight into the technology and market potential.


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